Meet our Speakers

Every HUG meetup includes a fun, interactive and educational presentation by a marketing expert in our area. Get to know our speakers here.

Nora Edmonds

Senior Customer Success Manager, HubSpot

Nora Edmonds is a Customer Success Professional at HubSpot, where she works with current customers to help support and develop their sales & marketing strategies. Nora began her career at HubSpot in sales and worked first to bring on new Agency Partners and then as a member of HubSpot’s “SWAT" Team, an experimental team that worked to sell into the install base. Nora is passionate about helping others succeed, and spends her free time consulting startups on their marketing and sales initiatives and alignment.

Hadley Higginson

Story Lab Creative Director, UWF Innovation Institute


Hadley Higginson is a writer and creative strategist. She’s spent 15+ years in branding, creating compelling content for corporate, non-profit, and education clients. Other writing ventures have included developing an Early Reader series for Chronicle Books, and a brief-but-thrilling collaboration with Elle magazine and Nora and Delia Ephron. She graduated from Portfolio Center in Atlanta, where in the early 2000s she taught Emotive Writing and Creative Writing for Graphic Designers. 

At the Innovation Institute Hadley provides big-picture creative direction and helps to guide the storytelling process. As a Vermonter living in Florida, she’s also engaged in the ongoing work of trying to make “Yankee” not a bad word.

Christian Garman

Story Lab Outreach Manager, UWF Innovation Institute


Christian Garman has been telling stories for more than 20 years. From 1996 through the end of 2016 Christian was a meteorologist for WEAR TV, spending more than 19 of those years as the morning meteorologist on "Three In The Morning." During that time, he covered major events like Hurricanes Ivan, Dennis, and Katrina and some not so major, like the opening of the water-coaster "Journey to Atlantis" at Sea World Orlando and his yearly wrap of the Academy Awards. 

At the beginning of 2017 Christian left WEAR TV to work for his alma-mater, the University of West Florida. He became the Story Lab Outreach Manager at UWF's Innovation Institute. His main focus will be telling the stories of the Institute via video, social media, podcasting, and in-person speaking engagements.

digital marketing panel

Digital Marketing Panel

Digital Marketing Panel featuring Whitney Fike, Founder of Sparkplug Social; Adrian Howell, Key Digital Account Strategist for Pensacola News Journal Media Solutions; Beth McClean, Web Analytics Specialist for AppRiver; Giffney Nagel, Tech Marketing and B2B Marketing Strategist; Debbie Williams, CCO and Co-founder of SPROUT Content.

Scott Tousley

Senior Growth Marketing Manager at HubSpot

Scott Tousley is a Senior Growth Marketer for HubSpot sales products. He is an expert on acquiring free users, building PQL funnels, and onboarding new users. His responsibilities include SaaS marketing strategy, sales funnel creation, copywriting, conversion rate optimization and content marketing. He's also obsessed with cognitive psychology, behavioral economics, and human behavior in general.

Angela Hicks

Senior Inbound Professor at HubSpot

Angela Hicks is a Senior Inbound Professor at HubSpot. Angela holds a BFA in graphic design and an MA in advertising and public relations. Angela uses her design knowledge to teach best-practice conversion rate optimization, user experience and marketing automation, and manages the HubSpot COS Design Certification.

Andrea Stark

Marketing Assistant at IMS ExpertServices

Andrea Stark is a marketing assistant at IMS ExpertServices, where she focuses on internet marketing. She maintains the company website by adding new weekly content and optimizing pages utilizing best SEO practices. She also distributes articles, whitepapers, e-books, and whiteboard videos through e-blasts and social media and runs the company’s Pay-Per-Click campaigns.

Beth McClean

Web Analytics Specialist at AppRiver

With a diverse background in digital marketing, research and online business development, Beth McClean enjoys working in the thriving field of web analytics and advanced search engine tactics to help drive marketing success. When she’s not intensely engaged in SEO/SEM efforts, she enjoys spending time with her family and teaming with her husband to manage his photography business.



Dechay Watts & Debbie Williams

SPROUT Content Co-Founders

Dechay Watts and Debbie Williams founded SPROUT Content five years ago to help businesses better tell their stories online. They specialize in creating authentic content that delivers real results for "unglamorous" industries such as IT, heavily regulated industries and B2B companies. They have learned from working with such businesses over the years that business owners and marketers often struggle with remembering that no matter what their line of work, they are doing business with humans.