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The Story Behind Story

[fa icon="calendar"] May 15, 2017 8:55:38 PM / by Andrea Miller

Everyone loves a good story, and local marketers were certainly entertained by the presentation "The Story Behind Story" by Hadley Higginson and Christian Garman of University of West Florida's Innovation Institute at last week's Gulf Coast HUG.

Christian Garman 

Hadley Higginson

Christian and Hadley explained how powerful stories can be and provided some emotional examples of stories that made us think or feel strongly, from the Time Magazine cover after 9-11 to a feel good dog food commercial.  They gave us tips to consider when creating a story such as remembering who our audience is and being authentic. One of the interesting facts given ws that people will only remember 3-5 things from your story, if you're lucky. What did you remember from the presentation?

We also learned more about the work that's being done by Story Lab at the Innovation Institute. Christian even offered anyone who was interested a tour of the facility! 

If you missed the meetup or just want to have a copy of the presentation to refer back to, Christian and Hadley were generous enough to share it with us. Please note this is a PDF version, so the videos will not be included.  
Download The Story Behind Story

Congratulations to Jeff Ferris, who walked away the winner of the Amazon Echo Dot, compliments of HubSpot. 

Stay tuned for details about our third quarter meetup which will happen in August 2017. 

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Andrea Miller

Written by Andrea Miller

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